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For the information of World Leaders

Esteemed Ladies/Gentlemen,

I have launched this initiative because our well-being and the well-being of our children is directly linked to the evolution of Mankind, Life, Earth and the Universe.

All human beings have a right to life. We were given bodies and a place to live together, to interact and evolve. In order to safeguard this natural right, it is crucial that all laws, norms and interventions that impact human beings allow, respect and secure the maintaining of the natural state of balance, health, love and peace.

If the laws, norms and interventions that impact human beings lead to violence, submission, control, terror or destruction or if they lead to actions that cause humiliation, desperation, hatred, greed, worries and stress, then these can no longer be maintained.

They must be changed and brought into harmony with the natural state because they cause depersonalization, suffering, illness and, finally, the premature cessation or destruction of life.

Given this life-friendly environment, the growing number and severity of incidents that influence the natural balance in a negative way demand that urgent steps be taken to address the situation.

These immutable and universal concerns require that goals be focused on actions that benefit mankind and demands the imperative and immediate revision and modification of all current laws, norms and interventions that impact life in negative ways.

Mankind, Earth and the Universe are essentially made of the same matter, energy and information. They differ only as form, structure, concentration and frequency, but interact and coexist because of the universe’s fundamental forces.

The universal vital energy exists in us all. When this energy is not known, used and channeled toward positive things, the result is the negative effects that we see more and more everywhere.

These effects are poverty, illnesses, greed, hatred, selfishness and destruction of any kind. If we help mankind through the development of the body-mind-soul union as a whole, these negative effects will disappear in time, leading to higher levels of consciousness.

This will generate pure love, health, wellbeing, mutual support, safety, peace and harmony around the world.

Since it is in our power to support this environment propitious for life through laws and actions that help keep the natural balance of life, I made a choice based on my understanding to use man’s highest way of being as the foundation of my argument: the high vibration of the soul, true love and pure conscience because these are in perfect resonance with the universal energy. Because the soul does not age or get angry, true love always treats the highest common good as its own interest and does not cause harm, while conscience is the light, knowledge, understanding and purity in ourselves.

As our soul is our pure love generating essence, the crucial basis and structure for body and mind, it is my conviction that the development of human values rooted in the body-mind-soul unity will ensure the inner balance needed to the harmonious construction of mind and body.

If we develop the body-mind-soul unity on a foundation of honest love, we will be more respectful and grateful toward mankind and we will not generate crises that would lead to suffering and the premature cessation of life because of illnesses, crimes or war.

The first step should be an international reorganization based on the healthiest, most dignified and vibrationally strongest human value: love for the world through the complete development and implementation of the framework project presented below under the name PLANET OF LOVE, overseen and represented by the LOVE AUTHORITY.

Thank you for your time.      






Mission: Focusing all action on every person’s natural right to life, evolution, balance, love, joy and peace.

Objectives: Consolidating the human values arising from the body-mind-soul unity and lifting mankind toward superior levels of Consciousness. To fulfill the mission and reach the project’s targets, the first fields that need to be approached are: Education and Learning, Labor, Public Administration, Economy, Finance Health and Social Protection, through measures regarding the balanced use of time and resources.  

The proposed measures are:

  1. Education and Learning – Personal and Motivational Development

The development of human values arising from the body-mind-soul unity will secure the inner balance necessary to build a harmonious mind and body and will lead mankind in time toward life at the highest human potential. For a balanced and motivated start in life, it is necessary that the development of human values begin from the earliest age. This requires the restructuring and updating of the current curricula with the purpose of shifting the focus toward a sound, optimal and essential level of psychologic, spiritual, love, food, sexual, ecological, financial and traffic-related education. For children – specialized personal and motivational development can be achieved through integration in the institutionalized education offered by the preschool, primary and secondary education systems based on the national education programs. For adults – personal and motivational development can be achieved through specialized programs implemented via the national information systems.

  1. Labor – Increasing Labor Efficiency by Reducing the Regular Work Day to 6 Hours

The balanced management of the time dedicated to labor, personal life and rest will contribute to labor effectiveness and productivity. These can be achieved by having a six-hour work day. If the lunch break and commuting time are included, this would keep the work day within 8 hours.

  1. Public Administration – Reorganizing and Proper Managing of the State Apparatus

The laws, norms and interventions that impact all life must allow and ensure the observance of the human beings’ natural right to life, evolution, balance, health, harmony, love, joy and peace, prosperity, safety and security. All natural resources must be fully put under state ownership in order to secure the state’s revenues and prices must be lowered. All current laws and norms must be significantly simplified, which involves the restructuring and reorganization of the state apparatus, the reduction of operating and capital expenses, as well as self-financing. The elimination of the Parliament entry threshold. The Upper and Lower Chambers should include a minimum of 3 experts from every field of life.  

  1. Economy – Economic Recovery by Replacing Labor Taxes with Consumption Taxes

Replacing labor taxes with consumption taxes. This measure will lead to a full economic recovery. Eliminating the pressure exerted by tax laws on the business community will create a positive environment for healthy business and economic development.  

  1. Finance – Optimization of Financial Income

The reduction of the price of products, goods and services based on production, transport and sale cost effectiveness criteria. The reduction of the price of natural products and the increase of conventional product prices. The interest rate paid on deposits should be at least 2% above the inflation rate, while the interest and fees charged for loans should not exceed 7%.   Eliminating personal needs loans as products and mindset. Revenues, balanced with consumer prices and the consumption tax, should provide a decent life.

  1. Health – Interest in Health Should Be Taught from the Youngest Age Because Health Influences All Aspects of Life

All stress-causing activities should be eliminated and human beings should focus on activities that bring peace and harmony. Human beings should eat healthy food. Balanced time management: for labor, personal life and rest. Implementing a schedule that allows 8 hours of work, 8 hours of personal and family life and 8 hours of rest. The worldwide implementation of ecological agriculture should be given top priority. Ecological agriculture can protect the natural characteristics of the soil and provide natural, basic food that keeps human beings healthy and extends their lifespans.

  1. Social – Harmonizing Life and Increasing Mankind’s Life Expectancy

The idea that chronological age leads to illness and death will disappear. Human beings will focus on the biological age, which, with the help of healthy food, high energy vibration, love and purity and balanced, harmonious and peaceful lives, will help people live healthier and longer lives.

The Benefits of this Project:

  1. An end to the control, supremacy and destruction relationship. The world will return to peace, balance and unity;
  2. The development of human values and raising mankind toward superior Consciousness levels; knowing, using and channeling toward positive ends the vital energy and developing complex thinking will help every individual reach his or her personal balance which, in time, will lead people to an existence that fulfills the highest human potential.

Thus, human beings will achieve an inner balance, instead of developing external addictions, such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, violence, crime, control, supremacy and destruction.   As inner love grows, people will reach a complete evolution, with positive thinking and a proper attitude, they will be balanced and will only do good. This state will improve each individual’s level, which will be felt at the institutional and global levels. Educating and rising people toward superior consciousness levels will contribute to better awareness and responsibility for their actions at every level. Raising mankind to superior levels of Consciousness requires that man be in harmony with himself, living in love, health, peace and safety, with joy, dignity and respect;

  1. The reorganization of activities and actions that cause stress, worries and insecurity by lowering the personal vibration and keeping human beings at low consciousness levels, such as powerlessness, distrust, guilt, desperation, bitterness, hatred. If these low levels are maintained and if people do not rise to superior levels of conscience such as courage, willingness, love and joy, human value does not grow, mankind loses the value received at birth and becomes depersonalized, people lose their vital energy, get sick and lose their lives prematurely;
  2. Office apathy will vanish; work tasks will be completed efficiently;
  3. A significant reduction in the number of litigations. Human beings will be more attentive when interacting with each other and many subjective situations will be settled amicably;
  4. Time for personal life, family harmony and rest;
  5. Balanced use of time and resources. Rational eating, a decent life for everyone. Increasing the quality of life, health and longevity;
  6. Inner balance. Joy of life. Growth of love. Health. Lower medical system expenses;
  7. A foundation for individual spiritual development and growth;
  8. The restructuring and resizing process regarding the state apparatus will lead to good management that, together with an increase in the number of taxable individuals and the balanced taxation of consumption, will no longer be a burden and will be easier for mankind to accept and support;
  9. Positive environment for healthy business and economic development;
  10. Man, given the newly developed personality, will want to take only actions that benefit himself, other human beings and the environment;
  11. Balance, peace and harmony around the world;
  12. The construction of ecological towns and the urgent implementation of nature-friendly means of transport;
  13. Respecting and protecting the environment across the economy, preventing the food and water crisis;
  14. A significant reduction in greenhouse gases and global warming;
  15. Given that the world as a whole interacts and coexists thanks to universal fundamental forces, our internal balance will contribute to the external, planetary and universal balance and we will implicitly support the world’s perpetual existence and development;
  16. We must celebrate Mankind, Life, Earth and Universe every year on World Consciousness Day.

Call to Action: Just as we were all given the gift of bodies, life and a place to live together, we must henceforth interact constructively, allow and observe everyone’s right to natural evolution and life.

Let us educate the amazing mind and use it for purposes that fit human greatness.

We must always be aware of the interaction between our thoughts and actions, be present in our lives, take an interest in the results of our actions and maintain a positive attitude.

Closing Words: I strongly believe that each of us will adopt the statement: “I am more than a simple being. I am soul. I am love. I am consciousness!”

Note: The “2017 Life Restart” project must be implemented in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Bucharest, January 28, 2017

Project completed under the I Am Consciousness trademark  

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